It is said that highly skilled cabinetmakers blend art, technology, craft and passion into their work. This is true of the craftsman in our shop. We still employ traditional joinery techniques and other non-conventional, highly effective methods with our work. Being experienced and flexible with a range of styles from old-world to ultra-modern, paired with an eye for detail is what drives this business. This is also what sets Artisan Custom Woodwork apart from the ordinary. We proudly state “You will not find any ‘stock’ cabinetry or furniture here!”

Why Choose Artisan?

Every product manufactured by Artisan Custom Woodwork is crafted from the highest quality hardwoods and/or other carefully selected materials, which are then finished and protected with catalyzed sealers and topcoats.

Michael started his woodworking career over three decades ago with a small 4-man custom shop. Years later completing an apprenticeship, he earned the journeyman cabinetmaker title. Many years and many unique, complex and high end projects to his credit while employed with commercial shops, Michael realized it was time to create his own brand. Knowing there will always be a market for high quality and true craftsmanship, Artisan Custom Woodwork was born.

Artisan Custom Woodwork was founded in 2011 with the support and encouragement of his wife, family and friends.

That was just the beginning…..